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  • <strong>Blasting will occur 1-2 times/week</strong>. Dust will deposit over several miles.
  • <strong>Geryville Materials proposing 628+ acre Quarry</strong> situated at the intersection of West Mill Hill Road and Kings Highway.
  • <strong>Blast Vibrations Can Be Felt for a Large Distance</strong> The noise and vibration can damage historical homes in the area.
  • <strong>Quarry is one of most dangerous industrial operations</strong> Many injuries and deaths reported each year.
  • <strong> Geryville Materials wants Asphalt Plant</strong> More environment and traffic problems will result.
  • <strong> Geryville wants concrete mixing plant </strong>Noise from crushers and trucks  will pose economic hardships on residents

Proposed Quarry in Lower Milford

Geryville Materials has proposed to built a 628+ acre quarry which will operate for over 50 years. The quarry is situated at the intersection of West Mill Hill Rd and Kings Highway. Geryville Materials wants to modify the existing zoning ordinances declaring that they are overly restrictive. They also want to built an asphalt mixing plant and cement plant.

Lower Milford Residents Association is fighting the quarry because it harms the Township financially, environmentally, and poses unprecedented dangers to residents and their families.

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Zoning Board Hearings on Quarry Delayed

The Zoning Board Hearings regarding the application to build a quarry at West Mill Hil has been postponed until there is a resolution of the appeal of the Commonwealth Court of the Planning Commision decision. The Township has appealed the decision and LMRA has joined in the appeal. Since the decision has a important influence on how both parties will proceed, it was agreed to wait to see what the outcome will be before proceeding.

About Crush the Quarry

We are Lower Milford Township residents fighting to protect our quality of life against developers who want to destroy or environment, our homes, and put our residents in jeopardy.  

In 2004,  Geryville Materials notified Lower Milford Township that they intended to build a quarry, asphalt plant, and cement plant on 628.48 acres of prime agricultural land at West Mill Hill Road and Kings Highway. It would be one of the largest quarries in Pennsylvania. It would affect property values, safety, the water supply, air quality, endangered species and wildlife, and the overall quality of life of the residents of Lower Milford Township.

While quarries are an accepted use of the land in agricultural areas under conditional use exception to the Zoning ordinance, it can only do so if the location is suitable and meets requirements that everyone else is subjected to and are needed to protect residents. Geryville Materials contends that their right to make a profit trumps the Township's obligation to protect its residents.

The Lower Milford Residents Association joined the Township in defending our zoning ordinances and ensuring that any mining in the Township be done in a responsible manner and suitable location. Since 2004, we have been engaged in a legal battle where we have won over 10 hearings and court challenges. But, as Geryville Materials' lawyer said, "We only have to win one!" Crush the Quarry is an informational site that helps people stay aware to make sure that one victory never comes!


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Crush the Quarry

lmraA website sponsored by the Lower Milford Residents Association intended to inform the public about a quarry, asphalt, concrete, and stone crushing operation proposed by Geryville Materials on 628 acres of property adjacent to Kings Highway and West Mill Hill Road in Lower Milford Township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.

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