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  • <strong>Blasting will occur 1-2 times/week</strong>. Dust will deposit over several miles.
  • <strong>Geryville Materials proposing 628+ acre Quarry</strong> situated at the intersection of West Mill Hill Road and Kings Highway.
  • <strong>Blast Vibrations Can Be Felt for a Large Distance</strong> The noise and vibration can damage historical homes in the area.
  • <strong>Quarry is one of most dangerous industrial operations</strong> Many injuries and deaths reported each year.
  • <strong> Geryville Materials wants Asphalt Plant</strong> More environment and traffic problems will result.
  • <strong> Geryville wants concrete mixing plant </strong>Noise from crushers and trucks  will pose economic hardships on residents
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Zoning Board Hearings on Quarry Delayed

The Zoning Board Hearings regarding the application to build a quarry at West Mill Hil has been postponed until there is a resolution of the appeal of the Commonwealth Court of the Planning Commision decision. The Township has appealed the decision and LMRA has joined in the appeal. Since the decision has a important influence on how both parties will proceed, it was agreed to wait to see what the outcome will be before proceeding.


Development in a community is good if it is responsible and maintains or enhances the quality of life of residents. BUT many developers want legislative favors, banning residents from planning their community on the basis that they have a right to make money.

stop developersDevelopers that try and make money by destroying communities by quarries, dumps, unsafe drilling operations are not limited to Lower Milford Township. There are many other examples. This area is devoted to publicize other good fights to stop the damage of our communities.


Ban The Quarry - Paradise Watchdogs

Paradise WatchdogsThe Paradise Watchdog, established in 1987, is a not-for-profit corporation that believes in the right of the people of Pennsylvania to clean air, pure water, and to the preservation of natural, scenic, historic, and aesthetic values of the environment.

The present membership of the Watchdogs are focused on the effort to halt the proposed quarry, asphalt plant and ready-mix concrete facility proposed by Gibraltar Rock, Inc. in New Hanover Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

More about their battle and the methods used by the quarry operator can be found on their site Ban the Quarry

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LMRAYou membership helps pay for our legal defense. Also, strong community support is notice  to Geryville Materials that we will not permit destruction of our Township.

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